Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

This is a classic novel and yes I’m the craziest lover of classic novels. This novel is my most favorite of English classic novels and very close to my heart. I would not rate it as a romantic novel but as a tragic one. Being a woman myself, the tragedy of Tess breaks my heart.

In this novel Hardy depicted Tess as ” a pure woman”, and the issue of the society’s double standards were indicted though the story’s plot and construction of the novel.

The idea of whether Tess was “a pure woman” has been under constant controversies and critics ever since Hardy represented it. It is up to all of you now to read the book and figure out whether she was ‘a pure woman’ or not, and if not, whom to accuse for her dilapidation: Alec who put the first brick towards the building of her destruction or Angel Clare, who claimed to be in love with her and was too coward to stand up high to his own words.

Its a story of young Tess who travels away from her home first time in life in order to find lost family fortune after finding out they had rich a ruling ancestors. But what happened to Tess when she traveled along the road to restore her family’s fortunes with a claim of connection with an aristocratic family of D’Urbervilles who were in power years back. Was she successful in the search? What happened to her in this search? Was that fair to her? Could she be blamed for what happened to her and what was to come latter in life and an unfortunate end of an unfortunate start….

Thomas Hardy’s indictment of society’s double standards, and his depiction of Tess as “a pure woman,” caused controversy in his day and has held the imagination of readers ever since. Hardy thought of it his finest novel and Tess the most deeply felt character he ever created.

I leave it up to you, to read and book and see if you feel sympathized to Tess and think of her as “a pure woman”.