Welcome to My World !

Welcome to my blog.

It is not just a blog for me, it is a source to recall and collect my thoughts about books i read or have been reading.

The thought process of when did I start reading books, is very refreshing for me. It takes me years back when I used to spend all of my pocket money to buy children magazines and fictional books for children. It was the time I used to bug my mom to go to fairyland and meet fairies there, and when I would hear that is not real from my elder cousins and siblings, I used to cry for hours. Ah beautiful days.

Growing up and getting a chance to read different types of Urdu literature and later Punjabi, Farsi and some Arabic literature was a delight. In this book hunt I had the honor to know and read work of one of my most favorite intellectual and spiritualist writer of all time in Urdu Literature, Ashfaq Ahmed. You read few words of his and there is no way you are going back, you get forced to respect and give him special place in your heart. Also, another favorite ter/philosopher/poet of mine, Wasif Ali Wasif. These two people mentioned above and many many more are intellectuals, I read and read and never get tired. There is always something between the lines to learn in their great words of wisdom.

I got the chances to read English Novels during my high school. Started from Shakespeare, and I’m sorry to say I was disappointed to read Romeo and Juliet but loved some of his plays, like Othello and Macbeth. People admire him because of his tragic Dramas, true but I admire him even more for his poetry.

In English Literature, these are some names I love readings of including: Charlotte Bronte, Don Brown, Thomas Hardy, Christopher Marlowe, Sidney Sheldon, John Keats, Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Homer and many more.

جن رشتوں کو اغراض کی زمین پر بویا جائے
وہاں محبت کے پھول نہیں اگتے